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About Us

Making Sponsorship Work for your Grassroots Sports Clubs

SNAP Sponsorship is a business dedicated to helping the survival of grassroots, local and regional sport in the UK. We believe that sports clubs - for any sport - are part of the social and welfare fabric of Britain. They help promote health, community, competition, inclusion, ambition, social growth, equal opportunities and local togetherness. One of the biggest challenges we face in post-pandemic Britain is boredom and hopelessness. Sport is a natural antidote to both and the fantastic diversity of sports clubs in the UK mean that literally anyone can join in: from Rugby Union to Pool; Badminton to Boccia.

We were born out of sports activism having seen the benefits of structure and activity in the lives of communities. Our founders have all played sport at a high level. They have worked with the biggest names and occasionally stepped in to help where 'the system' was letting sport down.

The SNAP platform was created when we recognised that no matter how passionate their members, sports clubs need more than good will. Unless they have a sound financial footing and the right tools to act professionally when building that footing, growth is near impossible. But when passion meets professionalism, anything can happen.

We are a business but one with a transparent commitment to invest back into the welfare of grassroots sport. (Literally - our books are open. We are on a mission backed by people who are already as successful as they need to be!)

Our goal is to have every sports club in Britain on a sound footing, contributing to local people and communities. The charge to use our services covers our costs. Nothing else.

Let us show you how we have helped clubs be successful...



In this E-Book, you will learn:

  • • Why you should choose sponsorship over other fundraising activities
  • • Creating your club's sponsorship strategy
  • • How to build your "shop-window" with SNAP