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Apex 360 are a group of high-quality coaching companies based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The provide a range of opportunities to be active through holiday camps, school clubs, birthday parties across multisports and dance to local communities, reaching thousands of people every year.

When they first joined SNAP in August 2020, they joined without coming through a partner organisation, and soon discovered a way of approaching and managing sponsorship that they hadn’t previously encountered. Here, in his own words, Stewart Hunt who founded Apex 360 tells us what they found and the impact it had not just on Apex 360, but their wider community as well.



"Using SNAP has given Apex in the Community, Hertfordshire CIC the opportunity to look more professional when approaching organisations for sponsorship. The SNAP infrastructure has made us more efficient and has streamlined the way of putting our opportunities in front of potential sponsors. The main benefit of the SNAP infrastructure was to help us continue to raise funds for local communities and provide physical activity for thousands of people in the Hertfordshire area. 

Through the SNAP Sponsorship tools and webinars, we have been able to realise our own commercial value and potential. We have been encouraged to think differently by being encouraged to think of Assets and Opportunities that we could offer to potential sponsors. We would recommend that other CASC’s, CIC’s or community activity groups join SNAP to further influence their commercial future. 

SNAP is a no-brainer for organisations to learn more about sponsorship and to have more of a professional approach when engaging with businesses. We felt so passionately about this that we introduced SNAP to the Herts Sports Partnership as they have the platform to tell more community activity groups about the benefits of partnering with SNAP" 
Stewart Hunt, Apex 360

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