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Hunslet RLFC were founded in 1973 and play their matches at the South Leeds Stadium, part of the John Charles Centre for Sport, in Beeston, West Yorkshire. They are members of the Betfred League 1, playing professional Rugby League two steps below the highest level. One unique aspect of Hunslet is that they are the only fan-owned club playing professionally! 

Reacting to COVID
With the pandemic and games being played in empty stadiums, Hunslet were left without a major source of their income: ticket sales. This led to a rethink of their strategy, which started with an audit of the assets and opportunities they had on offer, and the benefits they offered in return. We were lucky to have their Non-Executive Director Kacy Mackreth join us to discuss how Hunslet have changed their approach to sponsorship using SNAP.


How did SNAP help their new commercial approach?
With a volunteer staff, the club wanted better systems to help them manage their operations. Traditionally the club relied on many spreadsheets and emails, but now have everything in one centralised platform, allowing the club to manage their existing sponsorships and partnerships. The unlimited users allow staff and board members from all departments that feed into the commercial strategy to utilise the functions of the site to secure, maintain and execute the clubs partnerships and allows for a transparent overview and the ability to pull off accurate and up to date sponsorship reports detailing activations and transactions at any time.



Standing out in a competitive environment  
With Hunslet sitting in a division 2 steps below Super League, and in an area where Rugby League clubs seeking sponsorship are in a very competitive market place, Kacy spoke about how SNAP’s social sharing functions allows clubs to be more direct and target specific businesses to get their opportunities seen. “The SNAP platform will allow us to continue to activate and generate a wider level of exposure, regardless of who leaves or comes into the club, it will allow us to be sustainable.”

Hear what Kacy had to say in the video below:


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