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Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club had never experienced any form of sponsorship prior to engaging with SNAP.

The club states that it is continuously hindered by a variety of factors which make the process of securing sponsors extremely difficult such as location, limited membership base and private ground ownership that prevents any form of advertising.

So how did this small village Cricket Club transition from never having a single sponsor to accomplishing their 50th sponsorship deal and raising over £5,500.00 since beginning their association with SNAP in 2021?


The Era of Social Media Influence

“Everything we have achieved in sponsorship has been done through social media. With our range of cost-effective opportunities we can now market our club’s online promotional services to any business to help their content reach a wider audience. SNAP Sponsorship’s social sharing tool has been a fundamental aspect of our success during this venture!”
Ian Ball, Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club - Chairman

With information now more accessible than ever before the use of social media has never been so influential. The social sharing tool available within the system allows users to promote their sponsors via their own channels to maximise exposure for businesses. Through this increased engagement an organisation may attract potential customers, increase their brand awareness/consideration which in turn the additional value delivered to the partner not only justifies the partnership itself but also lays the foundations for reinvestment to further support your club – no matter what size the company may be!


The Benefits of Sponsorship

“Sponsorship has allowed us to complete various projects such as new kit, electronic scoreboard, ground covers, training equipment and updates to our facilities. We have done this to raise our profile, create a new identity to therefore connect with our community. From this our membership will hopefully increase to therefore provide a sustainable future.”

James Mickley, Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club - Child Welfare Officer

A key part of Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club’s success story has been their capability to understand why sponsorship is important to them. For this club it is about securing a future for themselves by forming connections with their local area. There are many benefits of sponsorship and, although funding is a valuable asset, the capacity to promote their own image to aid their development as a growing club is one of equal positive significance.


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