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What's happening at SNAP? What are clubs and businesses achieving with sponsorship? More about the world of sponsorship.......

SNAP Sponsorship will help you navigate the challenges of securing new, and retaining pre-existing, sponsors as we emerge from the Covid-19 Pandemic. We will give you some tangible actions to put into place at your club - whether you are using the SNAP platform or not - which will have you increasing your sponsorship revenue in no time.

How could SNAP help your club? Here's 5 ways:

Today we are going to look at the Success of Barnards Green Cricket Club, a friendly, sociable and inclusive cricket club sat in the Malvern Hills. Providing Cricket for the community since 1934, it's not suprise that this thriving club are an ECB focus club! But how have they managed to utilise their SNAP subscription to secure and manage sponsorship? Read on to find out!

Bates Cottages are a friendly inclusive club based in Holywell, Northumberland. They currently run 2 Senior Saturday League teams, A Sunday Friendly XI, A Midweek XI and have a thriving Junior and Women's Section at the club.With over 100 years of building relationships with sponsors in their area, today we take a look at how they have used SNAP to manage and activate their sponsorship deals for the benefit of the whole community!

Today we are going to take a look at the success of Woodham Mortimer Cricket Club, a small club in Essex that have managed to not only secure their first sponsorship deal ever but have reset their yearly target three times!