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Onboarding £295

£9 / month

“The average cost of one UK sports club membership”

Cancel any time

0% commission on sponsorship you secure


Onboarding £295

£99 / year

“1 month free”

12 month commitment

0% commission on sponsorship you secure


Onboarding – Setting you up for success

Grassroots Sponsorship expert profile build

Asset identification

Social profile integration

Existing sponsors uploaded for efficient management

Personalised account management


A professional sponsorship shop window

A collective network of clubs attracting regional, national and international brands

No need to print another sponsorship brochure, 100% online

Tailor packages to meet sponsor needs


Enhance your clubs sponsorship knowledge

Access to success stories and inspiration from peer clubs

How to approach sponsors from different industries

Understand the value of your sponsorship


Be part of the UK largest sponsorship marketplace

Sell sponsorship 24/7 with your online profile

Amplify your exposure through existing club networks

Identify new commercial volunteers & reduce volunteer admin


Increased long term sponsorship revenue

Delight and Retain more sponsors through structured activations

Enhancing club membership value through experiences

Clarity, control and continuity over each deal




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Storage space


Online Support


  • Public Profile
  • Assets & Opportunities
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Contract Production
  • Activation Scheduling
  • Renewal Management
  • Pre-existing Sponsors
  • Receive Pushed Opportunities
  • Knowledge Base
  • Send Contacts Messages
  • Financial Reporting
  • Receive Promotions
  • Search for Sponsors 



“Make your sponsorship work”


100% of sponsorship received by end users

A targeted approach to finding your perfect sponsorship

Increase the accuracy of your audience targeting while saving time

Hyperlocalisation of your campaign, making every £ spent count

Add one or multiple opportunities to your basket, transact once


Reach previously inaccessible markets

Brand positioning where your customers have emotional attachment

Break away from pre defined inventory, make your brand authentic

Push pre defined offers to multiple clubs simultaneously


Opportunities to create everlasting memories

Plan with partners to maximise every exposure opportunity

Schedule activations, track detail, keep everyone on the same page

Provide unforgettable activation experiences for the members


Clarity on the success of the sponsorship ROO/ROI

Clarity, control and continuity over each deal. Online and secure always

Reduced admin time and cost, invest saved capacity in relationships

Real time management and reporting of your sponsorship portfolio


You're in good company

You're in good company