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Headline Sponsorship (exclusive)


January 2022
September 2022
Sponsorship Cost: 

Brighton 7s Festival is delighted to offer headline sponsorship for 2022, with a roll-over option giving brands the opportunity to extend this sponsorship year on year. 


Inventory for headline sponsorship includes:

- Naming rights ‘headline’ sponsorship

- Key event brand sponsorship (e.g. trophies, broadcast, stages)

- Official consumer product status (e.g. F&B, telecom, retail)

- Preferred supplier status (e.g. energy, transport, accommodation)

- Contra and ‘in-kind’ deals

- Cause or charity tie-in


- VIP + guest access

- Ticket or revenue share

- Exclusive customer & audience activation spaces


Sponsors also get:

- Free tickets to attend the event

- Branding on the event's digital and physical assets

- Amazing photo, networking, and branding opportunities

Email us at Ben.McNamara@BMDMEventsandMedia.com or view more at www.Brighton7sFestival.com/Sponsors

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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