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IISHF U19 European Championships Headline Partner


March 2022
October 2022
Sponsorship Cost: 

Headline Event Sponsor

Title event name (e.g., The “Company name” u19’s European Championship) and branding announcement post and promotion 1st August 2021 – This will reveal your brand directly to the 20,000+ audience through the international inline skater hockey community, plus an audience of circa 3000 via our social media channels.

Branding will be included on all tournament social media posts and online promotional material twice weekly leading up the event and pre each game during the competition - Your brands association with our tournament social media posts will therefore have a wide reach in the UK and European hockey community.

Your brand investment will gain direct access to our growing YouTube channel. This enables the ability to build in adverts to all tournament promotional videos, any livestreaming of games and events, highlight reels, interviews, and engagement posts - Further exposing your brand to the hockey community via video content (Anticipated 5K audience on You Tube).

Any advertisement will be shared daily leading up to the event on all social media platforms plus pre, interval and post games during the event - Providing the direct opportunity to advertise your brand to our membership and associated hockey community.

Branding on the backdrop for all Pre-event and Post-match interviews. There will be up to 10 games during the event with one interviewee from each team for each game - Your brand will be prominent as the interviews will feature heavily in the event promotional social media content.

4 prominent rink board positions leading to and during the event with opportunity to extend the space hire post event - Providing exposure to the in-presence audience at the event (in-presence audience anticipated to be 400) and further livestreamed exposure (Circa 5K audience on You Tube).

The exposure to in-presence and live streaming branding will be further enhanced by 4 prominent 4m x 4m tournament logo brand banners and 10 posters in ideal locations around the rink.

Activation opportunity at the event, - We actively encourage any creative activations at the event to ensure positive transfer between our audience and your company, we will work with you to deliver an activation that works with our audience and will provide awareness and memorability with the BISHA Community.

There is also opportunity for Local community posters, banners, flyers, local media, radio and local newspaper outlets which will deliver wider awareness with the local community in Whitehill & Bordon as well as helping to build a brand story, case study and fully leverage the BISHA Under 19’s Championship.

For the Headline sponsor we are seeking a £10,000 contribution. We are flexible with budgets and assets and will work with your brand to spec this to suit your benefits.

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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