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SNAP has been working with the Guildford-based Optegra for 12 months. Totaling 7 hospitals in the UK, they offer an 'A to Z' of eye healthcare and are at the cutting edge of ophthalmic medical procedures. SNAP engaged with Optegra to support the national rebrand with three main objectives. Find out what they were and how we achieved it here

Following their rebrand in July 2015, Optegra had three main objectives. These were:

To become famous in the local community in which their hospitals operate

To get brand exposure and awareness for the new company branding

To educate young people (and therefore their parents) about the importance of eye healthcare

SNAP created a bespoke yearlong sponsorship package that delivered on these objectives. In order to become famous in the local community, we partnered Optegra with two of the biggest and most recognisable community sports clubs in the area, Guildford Rugby Club and Guildford Cricket Club. They have sponsored both the roadside signs, which have a combined exposure of over 15 million vehicles driving past each year.

The education of eye healthcare is very important for Optegra, as there are many misconceptions when it comes to our eyes. We looked at educating the children of the clubs through a series of sport-related games. The players had to evade tackle bags, pass balls through gates and run around poles. This exercise was repeated with swimming goggles to simulate eye conditions and the time difference was noted down. The winner on the day was the child with the fastest time: Alexander from the GRFC minis. He was taken on a behind the scenes tour of the Stoop by Dave Ward (Harlequins player & GRFC Head Coach) before Quins took on Leicester.

We are delighted to say that Optegra have renewed at both clubs so look out for their activity in the year ahead!