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What is Fill Your Boots?

When a rugby club doesn't have enough players on a Saturday having to cancel the game is the last resort but it’s an unfortunately common occurrence within the grassroots game.

Fill Your Boots was launched through alliances that were made by Racal Decca RFC, “The World’s Smallest Club”, who were struggling to field a XV each week.

Founder Sean Phelan launched Fill Your Boots as a player exchange that could be replicated to more clubs just like Racal Decca, where the need for extra bodies and players that needed game time would align and go to find each other.

This sharing of players to stop games being cancelled was highly successful and lead to more games being fulfilled and more game time for people who love rugby.

Fill Your Boots goal is simple - to make more rugby games happen!

How Fill Your Boots Works?

If you are a player looking for a game:
Send FYB a message via their social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Instagram, LinkedIn) and they will look to pair you up with a rugby club that needs an extra player in your position.
If you run a club or a team and are missing a player (e.g. a second row):
Again, just send FYB a message via any of their social media channels and they will match you up with the player(s) who are available to fill those positions. 

It’s that simple. Like dateline with odd shaped balls and more rucks.


A Partnership to Help your Club Play On

SNAP has developed a business dedicated to helping grassroots clubs develop through sustainable sponsorship management and funding.

This shared value of the importance of grassroots rugby and a passion for its longevity, matches to be fulfilled and clubs to thrive has meant the partnership between the SNAP and Fill Your Boots is a natural fit.

To find out more about FYB head over to there website  

If any clubs and/or players have used Fill Your Boots and would like to find out more about how SNAP could help your team/club with funding and sponsorship please get in contact with us.

Similarly, we would encourage all of our clubs and contacts to use this fantastic initiative, to fill your teams and play more rugby!