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Hunslet RLFC are a professional Rugby League club with a staff of volunteers. How did they change their approach to sponsorship during COVID and how did SNAP help?

AM Soccer Sponsorship Success Story

AM Soccer Club have used SNAP to manage their existing club sponsor and grow their sponsorship portfolio!

Mistley Cricket Club have achieved succes in gaining and managing their Sponsorship deals using SNAP!

SNAP Sponsorship will help you navigate the challenges of securing new, and retaining pre-existing, sponsors as we emerge from the Covid-19 Pandemic. We will give you some tangible actions to put into place at your club - whether you are using the SNAP platform or not - which will have you increasing your sponsorship revenue in no time.

 By signing up to SNAP, your club, team or league will be entered into a prize-draw to will £200 worth of sponsorship from SNAP. The Winner will be announced in September 2021!